January 2010 Meeting

Dale Gnidnovec Speaks on "The Triassic ? Turning Point in History"
at the Cincinnati Mineral Society January Meeting


Program Notes: by Terry Huizing
When:        8 pm Friday, January 8, 2010.
Where:       Sharon Visitor Centre auditorium at Sharon Woods Park
Directions: The Park entrance is on Lebanon Road (US-42) between Reading and Kemper roads.  Exit I-275 south on US-42.  After the traffic signal at Kemper Road, turn left into the Park.  After the admission booth, turn left into the Sharon Centre parking lot.
Speaker:    Dale Gnidovec, Curator of the Orton Geological Museum at The Ohio State University
Topic:         The Triassic ? Turning Point in History  
Welcome back from the holidays!  We begin the winter season with a special Earth story: a kind of geological who-done-it that took millions of years for the whole story to be revealed.
The Triassic Period, 251 to 202 million years ago, was a geological, biological, and historical turning point. Geologically, it saw the beginning breakup of the supercontinent Pangaea to form our current continents. Biologically, it saw the origin of two important groups, the dinosaurs and the mammals. But who knew that the Triassic also had a major influence on a turning point in American history?.the battle of Gettysburg. Come hear our speaker tie it all together into one nifty post-Christmas package.
As always, guests are most welcome at our meetings. 
 Terry Huizing

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