The Minerals of Dr. John Rakovan

Picture 2 Picture 3
Albite on Microcline, Rock Springs Canyon, Organ Mountains, Dona Ana County, New Mexico Amethyst scepter, Hopkinton, RI 1 Amethyst scepter, Hopkinton, RI 2
Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6
Amethyst scepters, Hopkinton, RI 4 Amethyst, Hopkinton, RI Apatite, La Marina emerald mine, Borbur, Boyaca Department, Colombia
Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 9
Azurite on Malachite, Tsumeb, Namibia Calcite, Fengjiashan Mine, Hubei Province, China Calcite, Pugh Quarry, Wood Co., Ohio
Picture 10 Picture 11 Picture 12
Carussite, Touissit, Touissit District, Oujda, Morocco Cavansite, Wagholi Quarry, Ahmadnagar India Cerusite, Tsumeb, Namibia

All Photographs are copyrighted and are the property of Dr. John Rakovan and the Cincinnati Mineral Society. Permission to reproduce these photos and descriptions in any way is not granted without express permission.

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