Field Trip Dates & Locations for 2002!!!

(We have joined ranks with Neil Reider of  the Brukner Club of Troy,  Ohio and have combined our field trips)


Febraury 16th          We are going to Allison Custom Jewelry in Sidney, OH.  They make custom                                         jewelry.

March 22nd             We are going to D. Picking Co. in Bucyrus, OH. They make copper kettles.

April                           Is set aside for going to many of the Club shows in the Ohio area.


May 25th                  We are going to the Ridge Runner Swap in Zanesville, Ohio.. We will
                                         also hunt for flint at Flint Ridge.


June 15th                  We are going to the June Headly-Whitney Museum and Kentucky                                  Horse Park. This   will be a bus trip with pick-up in Troy and Cincinnati, Ohio.


July and August        Are also set aside for attending shows.


September 21s            We are going to Fossil Park in Sylvinia, Ohio. Here we will find Devonian                                            fossils.


October 12th             We are going to the Detroit Show and the Cranbrook Institute of                                  Science Museum.


November 15              We are going to EJ Designs and the Rubbermaid Factory. EJ Designs                                            makes homes and Rubbermaid makes items household items. 


December                    It is the annual Christmas Party.


These field trips are subject to change so visit frequently for updates!

For more information on all field trips, or to suggest future locations contact Judy Budnik at .